We look for a php developer !

As part of website creation, the intervention of a php developer is inevitable. These providers are considered the most competent to assist in the design of the web platform. But how to choose?

Training for web developers

You have to know php developers select the best according to studies that followed. To be php developer, you need a basic computer, usually a bac + 3 to engineering degree. In addition, it must have been, in general, specializing in php who have received training. It is thus a long-term academic training. This training can also be short-term and extend over 3 months. The study of php also involves learning other languages ​​like JavaScript or html. The important thing is that the professional can fully master the advantages and flaws of his script. The program in the study of php is restrictive and strict. We must learn the MySQL database, the database creation, calculation of data, web application design. The best is still to choose those who had graduated after long studies compared self-taught developers.

Php developer tasks

The importance of the tasks related to the creation of the painting requires a good php developer. Generally, the developer is responsible for the heaviest work of the website creation. Indeed, he writes or, more truthful, writes the contents and the architecture of a website. Basically, the php developer's role is to design dynamic websites using the PHP language. Usually, it will use the PHP language with framework (open source or not free). If an employee of a web agency, it has to work in collaboration with the Project for the analysis and implementation of applications in the specifications. It must make every effort to adapt to the operation php it runs. When it is finished the site, he must maintain and update. This is a very complex profession it is imperative that the person is well trained.

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