Twenty years of Php already !

The PHP is a language that is specially made for developers of web application. It offers many advantages when creating website. Its advantages are as PHP is currently very popular in the area. Expertise of over twenty years that PHP has evolved today to provide even more advantages and benefits in use.

What's really Php?

Officially Php means PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a scripting language that is both general and open source. The PHP integrates easily with HTML pages. To display the latter, PHP will not need to go through tons of orders. It will, among others, to automate tasks that are defined as repetitive. This is made possible through communication that allow PHP with the database. So what distinguishes Php other similar scripting languages ​​is that its code will run on a server. HTML thus generated will be directly sent to the client without the latter has access to the code that provided that result. Thereafter, if you properly configure the server in question for that analysis as HTML files Php files, dynamic and static pages will be treated in the same way.

Constant evolution

When referring to Php, it will note its perpetual evolution to version 7 now. For 20 years the concept has continued to evolve and that the php development could give more applications than the day before. Indeed, the many benefits already qu'offraient the first Php has been accentuated over time with all versions and changes that PHP has lived. Professionals have evolved in the field of Php can currently claim to total control of the design and make unique and impeccable service in the creation of website. The many possibilities of PHP are all too new and every concern has been resolved with the next version. So this will mean that PHP is one of the musts when it comes to web application development. All it be exercised to be controlled perfectly.

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