A new magento to try !

Magento sees its usefulness in the management of e-business content. It has become a must in the current field through its many benefits. although we talk about a unique practicality and ease of use. Of course, some shortcomings have still been detected and resolved with this new version magento. We must therefore try to actually be eligible to benefit from its advantages.

V2 is late

You should know that the official release of the first version of magento was made in 2008. Thanks to its many advantages in managing e-commerce site content, it quickly became a fixture in the area. The magento developer also made sure to get several licenses as to what is the product so that everyone can easily access the features of Magento. Also, the second version was announced in 2010. Only in 2011, Magento was acquired by eBay who preferred to prioritize the development of the X-Trade. This explains why magento 2015 was so late. What is reassuring is that this delay time has been used wisely in order to perfect the new version. New features have been integrated so magento V2 making even more efficient while fading all the shortcomings of the old version.

A new version for new features

Indeed, this new version of magento promise new features making usage more convenient and simple software. Not to mention the shortcomings set to the old version, the récurentes features were added namely the possibility of integrating games tets. Of course, the performance of the software has been optimized. We speak of refinement of the index and the ease of integration of more enhanced cache system. It is also expected but the EAV will be simplified with this new version as well as the theme of creation. jQuery will finally be used on the new version also making up the prototype. Regarding the translation, it will be possible to share views on many store with Magento V2. Finally, it will be possible to easily change the structure of the modules.

In need of a quality Php programmer for a new website

We currently can't hide that the world lives under the web. Since the pc revolution, it has become the foremost advanced information medium. This is often why the overwhelming majority of individuals believe him for all their projects whether for profit or not. Satisfaction in your hands Being on internet is usually important within the business world especially internationally. For our part, a php programmer offer you the [...]

A new website with its programmer just for you !

A new website with its programmer just for you !
php programmersIn order for you to fully benefit from your new website, a professional must first be involved in the establishment of this project. For this, it is important that it is someone really gifted for the project to be on foot quickly and with the best features. A programmer can do prowess on a single project and make it more powerful once launched on the web. You can fully rely on it. Programming as a talent The php programmers are [...]