Find remote tech companies and their ambitions

Nowadays, there are no problems without solution because every matter can be providing because we can see it together by connecting. Connecting is a word that everybody uses today, but does you know his capacity to control us? Let’s more company ambitions about high-tech.

The system of Xpert Eye

We wear this glass to transmit a real vision into our friends in the other line. The test was done in the medical domain and its work. The goal is to permit this expert to share his knowledge on the world. There will be no personal information inside because this object has no microchip anymore. So, you can’t use it if there is no internet box inside the area. It is also a modern way to publish this product. This glass doesn’t need that you touched it to make it work, so your hands are free for another action. Xpert Eye technologies offered by the society AMA will be adapted to a various type of environment. This smart glass has the power to remote tech companies and to share it with many others societies that have the sale vision than this one.

Are you boring about the new tech?

Here is some news about every high tech that you had appreciate this year. The galaxy Note 9 Samsung S9 is on the table of the market place for just a few times. This smartphone uses the Android 9.0 version that you can update now. We also appreciate the Smartphone, always sign by Samsung the version Galaxy X. For Apple, his iPhone of the year named iPhone XR, his program in interesting but his price is also dangerous. About this iPod, we have home pod and air pod, they are two things different but they are necessary for this innovated life. Mac pro is also on the market place. We also have Parrot for a new live video, and the result is just magic.

Google is ready about their Google ear buzz, which is the best translator device. But you can also have the magic leap that you can see the world inside. And in his right position, there is the Snap Sexy spectator that is in front of Instagram.

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