What is a ruby ​​on rails developer?

There are several languages ​​that can be used for website development, Ruby is one of them. This language is very powerful especially for those who want to create web applications. With the ruby ​​on rails framework, the work may become more interesting. But for the implementation of such a technology, it takes a specialized developer, a developer ROR.

Develop only in RoR

It is a specialty that is certainly more rare to find than others. Indeed, developers who work on ruby ​​on ruby ​​on rails have profiles very sought since there is still little developer who mastered this technology. The missions of this technician will mainly focus on the use of Ruby, the language has become very fashionable lately. This language is very easy to understand, which means that little developer can apply to learn it in depth. Yet there are currently a multitude of famous sites that use this language and who, in their work, need to use Ruby on rails for more performance and dynamism in the site. The mission of ruby ​​on rails developers is therefore to create web applications by referring only to a set of specifications established beforehand.

Developer RoR, a familiar of Ruby

A ruby ​​on rails developers is the specialist who uses the Ruby programming language in its RoR Framework to design powerful web applications on behalf of clients. For a RoR developer position, this computer specialist should have the ability and competence to know how to code in Ruby and how to manipulate the Ruby on Rails Framework. There is not, strictly speaking, any training that suits those who want to become RoR specialists, they are just people who have studied computer science and who specialize in web programming. Training in RoR had to be done on the job for this professional. His experience therefore counts a lot for this profile, and a RoR developer should have a dedicated career, ie develop only in Ruby and Ruby on Rails only.

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