Professionnel website protection solutions with Koddos

KoDDoS is a host server that dedicate especially for a professional website. It stands against the DDoS attacked, that’s why he made this hacker power in KO. But we forget this option, when they democratize the system, so it is just a few visions of the KoDDoS action.

KoDDoS evolution

Before KoDDoS, website with a lot of traffic have some difficulty to be available because of the hackers attacked. Recently, there was a popular system that make your website in failed, we call him DDoS. This is not a bug that all antivirus can easily defeat, but it is a platform to send many traffics on your website until it explodes. As we see this position, the hacker DDoS works on a group. So, the KoDDoS find the best solution to face this kind of attacked and it may be the great revelation to the end of hackers. As a host server, they don’t impose anything, but you have a choice to be protected or you just a start up that doesn’t need any protection on this time. Anyway, KoDDoS offers is for every kind of website, even it is a startup, and by adopting the minimum offer available on that you can explore to get your success quickly.

The solutions to protect your website

KoDDoS is the only host server that had found the solution to eradicate hackers’ action. They plan to multiples solution, but the interest one is the possibility to boost the power of your server. They upgrade all your element to be in the right level. We are talking about your server as the capacity of your hard disk, about the quality of your bandwidth and the system that they implant to DDoS protection and others kind of hackers’ plan. You have a possibility to a VPS server, or a dedicated server and the possibility to control your server on a proxy remote. KoDDoS also have the advantage about configuration of the offers because they seat on Hong Kong country and have datacenter on Netherlands and New York.

With all this list of benefits, KoDDoS is the best host professional server that you have to opt now, if you want to develop your website in the best condition.

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