Php code will make your website smarter for user !

php web development currently increasing. Nowadays, one can count more than 13 million user sites. Language is then increasingly offered by web hosts. But why php is the most chosen by the developers language for creating dynamic sites?

The Benefits of Choosing php

The first reason that pushes them to choose php is no other than its speed. Indeed, if one combines the Apache module, you will get a real time saver especially if you use a Linux platform, for example. Php scripts can then be quickly executed by the web server without the need for additional resources. Php is then a good alternative for sites that are very popular.

Php is a language that is very easy to learn. He takes all the syntax of C, C for Dummies. It then contains coercion that poison novice developers whether it concerns the management level strings or shower problem variable declaration.

Note that it handles very well also SQL queries. Therefore, it is easier to write programs that display data retrieved from SQL or database programs that store data posted from a form in a SQL table. This language then knows to communicate with all SGBD creation whether the Oracle, Informix, MySql, DB2, Ingres, SQL Server, Access, Postgresql and others.

Platforms like PHP, Linux or Apache also offers great stability unless there was a misconfiguration in origin. It is possible that the site could then run for several months without a reboot. The e-commerce website or the stock market sites are then more favorable for the use of php. Indeed, for the last one hour of their failure could cost millions.

Not to mention a host of functions is added to the php basic instructions. The latter will cover every conceivable need of a webmaster whether in e-commerce applications, to create images on the fly, XML parsing, generation of PD, COM programming, statistics, generation email, compression or decompression, cryptology, management and other LDAP directories.

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