Customization of CRM modules to suit your requirements

Looking for a solution to better manage your prospecting and retain your customers? So, opt for a free CRM tool via php programming. The latter allows you to keep track of your contacts, a history of purchases or recovery to customize your customer relationship. Focus on this essential tool for any business.

The interest of a CRM software

The acronym CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, or CRM in English: Customer Relationship Management. As you can see, a CRM tool helps you to better track your everyday contacts, be it prospects, customers or partners. A powerful tool to organize your prospection.

Customer monitoring and data retention

With this software, you store contact information for all your contacts. You also keep track of all exchanges with them: you can even keep a purchase history! Convenient to create a client file.

A reminder of important tasks

Most CRM systems help you segment this database to design targeted e-mailings. You can also set notifications for reminders or appointments.

A virtual assistant

The tool becomes a real assistant, remembers everything, reminds you in a timely manner and helps you develop offers that meet the needs of your customers. As you make contact with them, you store valuable information to create a personalized offer and increase your chances of conversion.

A link between all services

For SMEs that have a customer service, a marketing and a sales team, CRM is essential. Each employee can, at any time, know the customer or the prospect with whom he communicates. It helps to answer him better.

At the marketing level, CRM is a great source of inspiration for content to be produced on the blog and social networks. It contains essential data on customer issues, questions asked by prospects and reasons for customer service.

So when you choose a CRM solution, you have to think long term. You may only have 10 contacts at the moment, but what are your goals at 6 months, a year or two years? Better to opt directly for a tool that allows a large number, even unlimited, of contacts and that corresponds to your technical skills.

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