Make way for AR Technology in your company

The world is evolving with it, the communication technologies. Communication and information is a predominant sector in the workplace and especially within a company. It is always very difficult to let your idea appear to a group of people. If words can not help you, why not leave room for pictures.

Augmented reality

A photo with a digital camera is all that banal now. However, this image alone can evoke several things. Just take the example of a tourist taking a selfie at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Everyone would understand while he was on vacation in France a while. In a professional concept, imagine a valley where one would have a town planning project, it would take time to make investors understand what we want out. However, since the city is still building, you can not just take pictures. It is here that augmented reality comes into action. Thanks to ar technology, objects can now be integrated into a real image in two or three dimensions. This technology offers several advantages since it instantly assists the interlocutor to understand the message by avoiding the misunderstandings that can result from oral communication.

Application in a company

This marks a new era in the field of communication. It is often difficult to measure the impact of such a renovation in a company. However, Assisted Reality is meant to be both a marketing tool and an object of assistance. For example, take a room you want to rent on an online platform. It would attract more attention if it were furnished and if it is not the case, assisted reality might well get you out of it. Accompanied by other connected objects, this technology completely vanishes the professional world. A technician could then guide a single person to perform certain tasks just by showing him images of what he should do in real time. In short, many startups are exploiting this field at the moment. One of them is AMA with its Xpert eye that offers the best options at the moment.

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