How was Magento Romania ?

Magento is a content management software in terms of e-commerce. It allows for better organization of catalogs and price rules so that e-merchants can create a vast area of ​​promotion. During a conference in Romania, many exchanges and various sharing took place between professionals in this area to improve knowledge but also to have new achievements.

A rewarding journey

The meeting between experts or between Magento Developers lasted two days and this event took place in a Grand Hotel of Italy. The trip lasted nearly 12 hours but the scenery and the view we had from the hotel to contemplate the city of Cluj-Napoca really deserved the trip. Before attending the conference that was going to happen in the establishment, some rest were essential because we would have many meetings and fruitful exchanges that would help us a lot. The introduction of Vlad Stanescu followed by other interlocutors began to fascinate Magento enthusiasts during the first day. The contents of their intervention were an opportunity to acquire new information but also to understand this rather complex field. Our Project Manager Goran Bokun also had his say and we were able to meet professionals from around the world in terms of e-commerce and we can say that this was an opportunity to learn a lot of Magento management software.

Fascinating interventions

The event that lasted two days was made only of passion and motivating experience. Indeed, the conference did not focus only on sharing but also on testimonials on the progress and the existence of several projects that try to improve this IT sector. The intervention of our Project Manager made us very proud of him for the same reason that he knew how to reflect a lot of professionalism, expertise and experience in this word; but it has also motivated beginners in this field to want to deepen their knowledge and their knowledge whether on the theoretical, practical or technical side. During the second day, we had the opportunity to ask questions and to be satisfied during the conference. We also discovered the culture and beauty of beautiful Romania while taking advantage of opportunities to network and deepen our passion for Magento.

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