5 reasons to go with ruby!

Ruby is a language that is becoming more and more popular with web application developers. Several reasons motivate them to choose this language and its frameworks. Here are 5 reasons to go programming with Ruby.

Ruby: an object-oriented and accessible language

If companies such as www.rubysavvy.com/ have opted for the Ruby language, it is probably because of its accessibility. Indeed, Ruby is a simple language to learn and understand. However, behind this simplicity hides a rigor in programming. In addition, Ruby is a highly object-oriented language which is particularly interesting when developing complex applications.

The flexibility of the Ruby interpreted language

Ruby, coupled with its framework rubyonrails, is a very flexible language. Indeed, it adapts easily to the many constraints of remakes, changes in code, etc. In addition, Rails includes everything you need for your development: a database, a front-end and a back-end. In addition, the fact that it is an interpreted language will be an advantage especially in the development of web applications.

A broad active and open-source community

Although it is less provided in members than communities such as Java or PHP, the Ruby community is one of the most active. In addition, it is an open-source community. There you will find Gems (libraries) to enrich your programs and the help of proactive members.

The elegance and conciseness of the code

Thanks to its simple syntax, Ruby is a language of elegance that has conquered many developers. This elegance is due to the conciseness and the readability of this language. It is therefore easy for the teams of developers to find themselves in their programming and to easily maintain the code.

Ruby, a language focused on collaboration

Thanks to the power and architecture of Rails, programming in Ruby as a team is an easy task. Indeed, the organization of files, the standardization of the code, etc. Allow any other programmer to quickly take charge of the code and make its contribution. It accelerates the application production process.

In short, Ruby, especially used with its Framework Ruby On Rails, is a powerful language and easy to maintain for web developers.

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