What is a DDOS attack ?

In the world of computing, the web remains a key area in which billions of data transit. There are, however, cases where the misfortune of one is the happiness of others. It's like a market where everyone tries to attract their own customers. It is then essential to know the attacks to better forge its defense.


DOS stands for Denial of Service Attack, which literally means denial of service attack. The goal is to make it impossible to access a service, the flow of data is impossible. Attacks usually target servers. Anyone involved in the server will be unable to perform the tasks it would normally do. To be a little clearer, imagine that Facebook is getting an attack and you would not be able to send messages at best or at worst you could not log in to your account. If the attacks are made by several sources, which is often the case, it is called Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDOS) or distributed denial of service attack. These attacks usually aim to make a site or server inaccessible at a crucial time in order to take advantage of something specific.

How attacks work

DDOS attacks can take many forms. It may be to saturate the bandwidth servers to make them unreachable. It can also consist of a depletion of the system resources of the machine which leads to an incapacity of reaction of the latter. By analogy, just imagine that you are firing from all directions at the same time and that you are confined in a relatively small space. It is then in this case wise to provide this type of attack before creating a server. The set of methods to counter this attack is called anti-ddos solution. An example of this countermeasure is the creation of protected servers. Be aware that during programming in PHP, you have the option to encrypt your data in php web development. Thus, just creating a unique key to the server and its users is already a solution to the problem.

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