Program via php, design with Wix is a Web development platform based on the cloud that brings together 90 millions of users, in the world. No need to know how to code or use a designer to create his website. This is the promise of Wix: the Wix solution allows anyone to quickly create a website with the latest web design trends. And to make it even easier for those who embark on such a project, Wix has developed professional solutions tailored to the needs of each business.

Create your site in a few steps

Wix Templates are ready-made site templates, which you can customize to make your own site. This is really the highlight of Wix, they offer an impressive gallery of templates of sites (about 500) categorized, for any type of activity.

Begin by choosing a theme from the well-stocked library. Then you personalize the elements by changing the texts and the visuals: either you download yours, or you select them in the bank of images and free videos of Wix (several thousand visuals are available). It remains to set the functionality, and the site is ready to be put online. It is possible to add add-on modules that will be drawn to the App Market and which are installed in one click: a newsletter, a search bar, a live chat ... Some are free, others require a payment. Everything is modifiable and customizable, which makes ultra-simple exercise even for beginners.

Tips for getting started in creating your website

Do not hesitate to consult the beginner's guide and browse the Wix blog. It will help you find sources of inspiration and will give you the keys to a successful site. You will find, for example, online tools to create a logo for free, the best tricks of web marketing or actions to optimize the SEO of your site.

PHP and Wix

As Wix clearly states: for now, Wix is ​​only compatible with HTML codes, which can be added via the HTML app. It is not possible to add PHP code to your Wix site ... We will say that this "postulate" is valid for the common mortals. But for some php programmer (who are demigods!), It is possible to use the PHP programming language with Wix.

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