Magento is a special platform for ecommerce

Magento 2 is the ideal platform to support you in all your retail projects.

Whether your business is on home equipment, cultural products, ready-to-wear, drive, ticketing, travel, consumer products, automotive, health, etc. Magento 2 Is definitely made for you!

How will Magento 2 help you to make the sales of your e-commerce site take off?

Discover how you will gain self-reliance by creating your own marketing actions with the new Staging and Preview feature in Magento. You will be able to program in advance and test the result of changes such as a change of homepage or a change of price without asking your technical department or your web agency to intervene. Also find out how the new Magento 2 control tunnel will allow you to increase your conversion rate.

Magento is not just a simple e-commerce tool but also a set of tools created to support you in your everyday business (business intelligence tool, communication management tool, management tool for delivery providers ... ).

Why choose the Magento solution for its e-shop?

Magento is the open source software with the most advanced functionalities, and the e-commerce software richest in terms of personalization and design. It is also considered stable and extensible since relying on a PHP5 / MySQL architecture and the Zend framework. Magento attracts more modest entrepreneurs and more confidential labels, thanks to the great brands and the fast fashion giants. The great strength of Magento is to multiply partnerships with developers to develop high-performance extensions. The company is also deeply rooted in mobile internet since Magento meets the needs of companies, who want to have a 100% responsive online sales platform.

If you want to develop your ecommerce, with the magento platform, you can call on a specialized web agency. By implementing advanced e-marketing solutions to manage a range of several thousand products, Gentflow can help you.

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