Capture the best photos and have them all in one place

Keep your picture album with you always in a light edition. Keep close to your heart the image of the people most close on your instagram by creating an instagram book. Put your entourage into the face of your youngest, the Virginia creeper of your Provencal residence with a simple gesture. Share the moveable expression on your beloved grandmother's face with your loved ones.

Embed memos in your picture book

You don't only need to include images in your book, you should also include the memories you created. All boarding passes and cards from your last trip will be screened beautifully in a travel journal. The festival ticket stubs that you attended will help you recall these exceptional live music moments. And if you've been married recently, why not scan your invitations to a wedding and table tags?

Let your pictures speak for themselves

If you want your pictures to speak for themselves, we have a lot of templates that you can try out. For many family photos, you can use an informal mosaic style, or try a single photo layout to highlight a breathtaking landscape.

One introduction is important for each section

A brief introduction to each section of your photo book is a great way to sum up all the highlights you have. You can write a short paragraph that will explain where you went and what you did, adding color to your story.

Important to conclude

A perfect way to finish off your album is to look back in numbers to all those wonderful memories. You might make a page with the number of countries that you visited, the concerts that you've been to, or any new words that your child learned this year. We hope we gave you some tips so you can get a better idea about your souvenir album. So start making your picture book, and celebrate in style your year.

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