A program adapted for code learning

Self-taught or with the help of professionals, with free or paid formulas, here are the sites and places to learn to code during the holidays. With LeWagon, you can benefit from optimized learning.

What is a bootcamp coding?

It is accelerated training ranging from a few weeks to several months to:

  • Understand different computer languages (there are a lot of languages, it is very difficult to know them all, which is why in general a bootcamp privileges certain languages in particular to give a specific technical background to "start", At The Wagon c ' is the combination Ruby + Rails)

  • Adopt the right technical workflow

  • Know how to code your own product

  • Know how to work as a team to build a computer program or a web project from A to Z (from back to front through the databases).

There are now several dozens of coding bootcamps in the world, in my case I chose the European leader namely the French company "Le Wagon", based in Paris and also in +20 other cities in the world. They have already trained more than 2800 people in 4 years!

Why learn to code?

Then come the real reasons of "why" we want to learn to code, 2 strong reasons stand out:

  • Become a 100% developer

As a freelancer or by joining a company or a startup. Several students had signed employment contracts at the end of the training and for some even before the end!

  • Become enlightened

Have a new string of knowledge at your bow, finally understand how this technological world that surrounds us or purely for intellectual enrichment works. Indeed at the end of this training some returned to their previous company but now with a unique asset (allowing them to target new challenges) and others will launch or revive in entrepreneurship but having today a better knowledge of the possible paths and opportunities opening up before them.

So, at the Wagon, you learn to code while building web products or mobile apps. This training is really for everyone, in this case in my promotion there were lawyers, consultants, designers, product managers, marketing managers, business school graduates, managers, all from 20 to 40 years old.

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