The role of Php programmers

The web developer is a computer scientist who has the mission to realize from the scratch a website. For this, he must play with the model designed by the graphic designer, find the technical means to put the different pages “online.” In fact, the web developer is no longer a technologically limited, he has all the cards in hand to achieve what we want.

The character of a Php developer

There are so many strings that it is better to have on his bow if you decide to embark on the exciting adventure of this profession. You must be patient, logic, curious, on your total control of and a good person that is passionate into informatics.

What about the training?

Bachelor's degree in computer science, BTS in computer management option developer of applications (Bac+2), pro licenses in programming, engineering schools in the field of IT and telecoms, masters in computer science (e.g. master's degree in science and information technology and communication, computer science, specialty modeling, optimization and systems design) are the training way of those php programmers.

They had the capacity to use their modern tools

Computer, Internet, text editor (to create the code), EDI software, Photoshop (for the cutting of the models), an FTP client (to put the files on the server), a browser (to be able to see the realized work), plugin web browsers.

His principal rule

Offer the client the best opportunities for his site. Integrate the models. Create navigation tools: design the modules that will make the site dynamic (drop-down menu, image slideshow, contact form...) Create databases. A specially to treat the customers in the right way. You can evaluate on this job and can eventually become a web project manager or web architect.

He is really the guarantor of the development of the company, a market or a business unit. It is upon to him that the company will grow and deploy. He has a primordial role on a society.

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