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Maven Pixel is a digital agency composed of web specialists: developers, consultants, project managers and web designers.
We help our customers to digitalize their communication and leverage collaborative tools. Since 2006, they benefit from our ergonomic creativity, our expertise in open source CMS and our working power. You have a web project? Create your website with our agency !

Web design and development

Priority to user ! To provide the best experience to your audience, we design your communication devices with an agile and creative methodology. Driven by the desire to innovate and an eye for detail, our design center accompanies you from digital strategy to graphic design. Functional specifications, web usability, web design :

- Web Usability : through workshops, your strategic objectives are translated into digital action plan. For each of your targets we build the optimal user path, tree form and wireframe.
- Webdesign : captivate the user through a seductive visual and ergonomic. Our creative imagine innovative and aesthetic designs in search of the best graphic effect.
- Functional specifications : we take care of the drafting of specifications simple, illustrated charges but accurate. To achieve perfection, every detail is important.

Taste of the technical challenge

Recognized for its expertise on open source CMS, half of the team is dedicated to the production . We offer the CMS most suitable for the project and as consistent with your existing technology ecosystem. Whatever your project, the agency offers you web development " Premium " line with best practices .
- Responsive design. Promote your content through an impeccable and accessible integration of graphic models. Each template is optimized and tested on tablet and smartphone.

- Accommodation. Getting your site online within our infrastructure or in yours. Depending on the level of service and privacy we opt for either a dedicated hosting or shared to a professional .

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